To Write or Not to Write

Sorry Shakespeare.  🙂 How many denizens of the blogosphere are not too sure of the pun in the title?  But it IS a valid question.  I mean, so many of us want, desperately, to write.  We know not what, we certainly are unsure of how, and we candidly don’t think anyone will listen … but still the Muse drives us.  She won’t go away. She won’t be silenced.  So, as so many bloggers seem to do, I’m driven to read, and to write, about writing.  Since it’s so obviously painful … WHY do we do it?  Most of us who want to write are pretty apt candidates for treatment … you know that whole insecurity / voices / need for approval bit.  Why not just do some unexpected chores at home?  Acceptance, if not praise, is much more likely.  Ahhh, but the whole time spent mowing the grass we will be dreaming of that perfect novel, blog post, ((poetry????)) that is just dying to leap from our fingers.  

I must say that the blogosphere is encouraging to we budding Hemingways.  🙂 No matter how poorly some of us write or how ill-prepared we are.  At least I should get some comments offering high-priced assistance in response to this post.

Oh WordPress, oh Automattic, you are such cruel mistresses.