What to write

So I really want to write fiction, you know, like a novel.  But I seem to be having a hard time getting started.  I know I can write non-fiction since I wrote a dissertation (Ok, mostly non-fiction) and I have various non-fiction ideas floating in my head … I mean I can even see the table of contents etc. etc.  BORING!  Damn.  The non-fiction stuff might even make some money.  Fact is, I know I can write as well as a lot of the crackpots with their own infomercials.  And at least I have common sense.  When you boil most of that stuff down that’s what you get anyway (if it’s any good).  I’ve also noticed that I tend to think/write in ellipses a lot.  Most likely that’s because the voices in my head are always second guessing me.  What?  Like you don’t hear voices???