What to write

So I really want to write fiction, you know, like a novel.  But I seem to be having a hard time getting started.  I know I can write non-fiction since I wrote a dissertation (Ok, mostly non-fiction) and I have various non-fiction ideas floating in my head … I mean I can even see the table of contents etc. etc.  BORING!  Damn.  The non-fiction stuff might even make some money.  Fact is, I know I can write as well as a lot of the crackpots with their own infomercials.  And at least I have common sense.  When you boil most of that stuff down that’s what you get anyway (if it’s any good).  I’ve also noticed that I tend to think/write in ellipses a lot.  Most likely that’s because the voices in my head are always second guessing me.  What?  Like you don’t hear voices???




It’s not always easy to cooperate. At least, these two snow monkeys have figured out that they need each other and that cooperation may be a key to survival.