Golden Nuggets

So, there’s a lot to learn about the blogosphere.  As one training site put it, it’s not that there’s not enough information it’s that there’s too much and the real challenge is how does one sift through it all for the golden nuggets.  Of course, what appears golden to one blogger may turn out to be mere fool’s gold for the readers.  Alas, who knows what mood you’re in today?  Dear reader, do you want to learn something?  Are you hungry, horny, or just bored?  At least, there does seem to be something in this vast digital universe to suit whatever mood one is in.

Then there are those who are depressed, suicidal, or lonely who perhaps are looking for a connection more than anything else.  Perhaps that’s what we’re all really seeking … connection.  Authors want to connect with readers, teachers with students, businesses with customers.  The digiverse should at least be good at that.  Then, why dear reader, are there so many people seeking connection but seem somehow … disconnected???

Can the digiverse really satisfy the need for connection?  It leads one to the debate between e-books and print, you know, “real” books.  Can one really be as satisfied with the e-book as with the rustle of pages?  The ideas are the same but … somehow … maybe we feel a little less connected with the e-book.  Even though the e-book can be read on almost any device, can be accessed almost anytime, and can be read in almost any conditions (insert argument here about iPads and e-ink).  That’s not a placeholder for me, you’ve already heard it just replay it.  There’s probably a whole YouTube channel devoted to it.

The really neat thing about blogging is that right now I don’t feel the pressing need to answer the question.  How about you take a shot at it in the comments?


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